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Begging For Trouble
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When Ellie, New York City's most enterprising dog walker, goes to see one of her clients perform in a show, the screams aren't just for the fantastic dance numbers...

A murder happens backstage, and the only witness is a dog named Bitsy. Taking Bitsy to a dog psychic might not be standard procedure, but it may stop a killer from biting again.


Heir of the Dog
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Professional dog walker Ellie Engleman is more than just a pal to her pooches- she can also read their minds. When Ellie and her terrier mix Rudy find the corpse of a troubled-but- harmless park-dweller in Central Park, the dog walker becomes a prime suspect for murder.

When it turns out Rudy is the sole beneficiary of the victim's inheritance, Ellie, Rudy, and Detective Sam Ryder follow the trail of clues to a key to a safety deposit box that just might point to the motive and help them sniff out the real killer.

Hounding the Pavement
Available Now
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The newest dog-walker on Manhattan’s Upper East Side has a talent—she can hear what her canine clientele is thinking. So when a dog’s owner turns up dead, Ellie must bone up on her sleuthing—and perk up her ears to find a killer.

Publishers Weekly Starred Review:
"Cozy fans will savor this paranormal mystery series opener from romance author McCoy. Recently divorced Ellie Engleman, ready for a fresh start, adopts a Yorkie and discovers she can telepathically communicate with dogs. Naturally, she launches a dog-walking business on Manhattan's posh Upper East Side. On the way to walk prize-winning Bichon Buddy, Ellie discovers the body of his owner, Professor Albright, murdered in his entryway. Buddy is missing and no one, save Ellie, is concerned. Sexy, annoying NYPD detective Sam Ryder considers Ellie a prime suspect, but that doesn't stop her from searching for Buddy, hoping that finding the dog will lead her to the killer. Somehow managing to avoid every talking animal mystery cliché, McCoy fills this delightful story with humor, quirky characters, and delicious hints of romance."

Romantic Times gives Hounding the Pavement starstarstarstar Stars.
"The crisp writing, humorous dialogue, and delightful characters—both human and canine—make this book a winner."


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